Monday, 12 August 2013

All men will be sailors...

Yesterday morning I thought I would drag the familia along to the Now & Then Markets held at the Rowers on Cook River. It was one of those sunny yet crisp winter mornings that make me so very glad to live in this country. These markets are relatively new, so dont have a huge range of stalls. I imagined there to be more second hand items to be honest. I did discover two sweet little stalls whose online stores I will be taking advantage of. I couldn't help myself and had to buy a few things right then and there:

Isn't that dress absolutely darling? It was bought from Parasols & Ponytails. They had the cutest little porcelain tea sets and dresses to die for. The cushion and notebook were from The Peacocks Feathers. I seriously could of bought everything they had for sale. I am kicking myself I didn't adopt a pair of ceramic bunnies. The notebook is a gift for my best friend Sarah who has this Lord of the Rings quote tattooed on her foot. She likes planning and making lists nearly as much as I do so this is perfect for her and will be off to Mudgee this week.

Walking out of the markets, The Cooks River sparkled and like magpies we were drawn to it.

And then to completely shock us (and just after I had mention in a blog post about his fear) Leo agreed to have his face painted. I was so proud of my monster! 

Turns out he thought face paint was permanent and he was afraid of being spiderman or a tiger forever! Bless his cotton socks.

 Painting my nails a different colour each week may be one of my sillier goals its true. When I was younger, I was in awe of my mothers long red nails. I would promise myself that when I was grown up, I too would have those beautiful nails. Now, I don't have the long perfect nails my mother had (and still has) but I can at least have a whole rainbow of colours!

This weeks polish is called "Aye, Aye Sailor" by Rimmel

Its actually a really dark navy blue but it was hard to get it to come out in the photo. This 60 seconds polish is perfect for someone who is as impatient as I am. It hardly gives me time to smudge! :)

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