Saturday, 24 August 2013

I wear a fanny pack..

Its been a very trying day here. Monster and Mouse are both still sick which has made one scream pretty much 90% of the time (Mouse) and one push every button to make mummy cranky (Monster). Thankfully both are currently asleep and snoring. Whilst I wait for Mr Ever After to finish work, I am going to take some time to reflect and join in with Pip's Taking Stock

Making : Still working away on Leo's crochet blanket. We also made cress heads! (see below)
Cooking : Salsa for tomorrow nights dinner of Salsa chicken
Drinking : A diet coke
Reading: Circle of Nine by Josephine Pennicott
Wanting: Monster to be finally toilet trained!
Looking: at second hand furniture for our move
Playing: Battle Camp on my phone. I am addicted! (nerd.)
Wasting: Red onion. I always seem to have shriveled up bits in the fridge.
Sewing: Zoe's name embroidery hoops. Still.
Wishing: My BFF Sarah was closer. I really miss her.
Enjoying: Spending more time with Husband.
Waiting: For our little getaway/move planning trip to Newcastle in September
Liking: Writing a blog, It's made me appreciate my day to day life more.
Wondering: How many appointments it will take for my stubborn hair to be the colour I want.
Loving: Kissing my baby girls head when I am babywearing.
Hoping: I get a solid block of sleep later so I can feel less like a zombie in the morning.
Marvelling: At so many blogs written by so many creative women.
Needing: A good shopping spree at Ikea.
Smelling: Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Johnson & Johnson bedtime lotion
Wearing: Black tights. Always.
Following: A list. I &heart; lists.
Noticing: All my nail polish is chipped from changing a tyre yesterday
Knowing: That it'll be Christmas before I know it
Thinking: I better get cracking on my goals
Feeling: Relieved I have some time to myself.
Bookmarking: Christening ideas for Zoe
Opening: Ebay packages filled with second hand dresses

  Feeling: Better now!

Because Leo was sick this week, we stuck to doing something easy. When I was at Bunnings the other day I picked up a packet of cress seeds and we made little cress head people out of used toilet rolls.

What a dork!


  1. It goes without saying, I really miss you too.

  2. Can't wait to get our matching BFF tattoos! Miss you Sarahbear.