Wednesday, 7 August 2013

August Book List

I love reading, always have. Before having kids, I'd devour books like they were my last meals. Unfortunately, working night shifts and having my little people has put a major lag on my "Have Read" list.

Speaking of lists - I would recommend Goodreads to anyone! I love being able to make a to-read list, read reviews and find new books. Im the type of person who gets to the book section of the shops and goes blank on what i wanted to get. Now - I whip out my ol' iPhone and check out my Goodreads profile. Amazing!

So here is my 5 books to read for August. (Of course if I read more I'll be over the moon!)

1. Bound by Kira Saito 
I downloaded this book on my ipad when the ibooks store was offering the first book in a series for free. To be honest, it sounds like it would follow the same path as so many "supernatural YA romances", what attracted me the most to it was that instead of just the usual witches this was voodoo queens.

This was another first book in a series that I downloaded for free. It has received quite good reviews on both the ibooks store and goodreads.

3. Horns by Joe Hill
A man starts to grow horns and people confess their worse sins to him. Not only does the premise sound creepy funny, I have wanted to read this because it is being made into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe ♥. Harry Potter with horns!!

This book has been popping up everywhere. I have a morbid obsession with real crime shows, so a book about a murder and horribly unhappy people has my name all over it. Also another one they are making into a movie.

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