Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'll paint you mornings of gold

I like the idea of making blankets for my kiddos. I picture them curled up underneath them watching Disney movies, Reading, Using them in forts and hiding underneath them to tell stories.

I had promised Leo that after I had finished up my scrappy Elmer blanket, I would make him one. This was about, oh, 3 months ago! I am determined to have this finished in the next month, so he can at least use it once or twice while its still cooler weather.

He requested "Zig Zags with Purple" Who can argue with that? So here it is, a work in progress!

I'm not too sure how I'll finish the edging when it comes time. I like the idea of squaring it off and quite a chunky border.

The only thing I regret about this blanket is that I am using single crochet and it is taking FOREVER! Next time I'd definitely use doubles so it will work up quicker.
I am using this stripe Generator. It makes random a whole lot easier!

Zoe's Wubbanub dummy finally arrived from the United States. It is very cute! I'm sure as she gets older she is going to love it. It makes me giggle to see a caterpillar hanging from my baby girls mouth.
Naawwwww Little Mouse.

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  1. I love the blanket! I'm thinking about making one soon. I might have to start with granny squares and work up to zig zags though. Love the colours you've used.

    1. I made an Elmer blanket when I was pregnant this year using all my bits and bobs of yarn. I prefer Granny squares to pretty much everything else and think its a wonderful place to start. So easy to do on the go too!

  2. Hi there! I LOVE that blanket! I'm here via Pip's link up. Looking forward to having bloggy browse. :)