Saturday, 3 August 2013

Fine Brave Hearts and True

There are approximately 5 months left until I turn 30. It seems so grown up! (Never mind the fact that I am married with two kids). I have had it in my head all year to set about ticking off a list of 30 things I'd like to have done before this milestone but due to a rather trying pregnancy I have just gotten around to it.
  1. Start a Blog
  2. Start HR course
  3. Finish crochet blanket for Leo
  4. Finish crochet blanket for Zoe
  5. Learn to use my sewing machine
  6. Visit and explore the Blue Mountains
  7. Drive to Mudgee and visit my best friend Sarah
  8. Collect 6 wooden chairs for our dining table
  9. Lose baby weight/Attend an exercise class a week
  10. Find a shade of red lipstick that suits me
  11. Learn to make bread/focaccia
  12. Finish the colour on my thigh tattoo
  13. Drastically change hair style and colour
  14. Complete one craft/activity with Leo each week
  15. Enroll in a vintage makeup/hair course
  16. Buy a swimsuit
  17. Win a competition
  18. Have a romantic night away with my husband Jason
  19. Plant a herb garden I can take to Newcastle
  20. Re watch the Harry Potter movies
  21. Get a small ridiculous tattoo
  22. Go whale watching
  23. Start a collection or two
  24. Run the MS colour run
  25. Read at least 5 books a month
  26. Sing drunken Karaoke in front of a room full of strangers
  27. Make a wedding and babies photo book
  28. Re learn how to knit
  29. Paint my nails a different colour every week
  30. Take more photos
That is it, with 5 months left. I don't think anything on the list is too unachievable, Some of it may just seem plain silly but I am determined to do it all!

Inspired by so many sweet, creative and witty female bloggers, I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog for a while. So here it is! The first goal checked off... A brand new blog.

Why "The Tiniest Happily Ever After"? At my wedding to Jason last year, my best friend Sarah read a poem written by my favourite author Neil Gaiman that he wrote for friends of his when they got married. What stuck out for me were the lines:

That makes ever the tiniest happily 
ever after
Something to be proud of for a wee

When I was younger, like so many of us, I dreamt of being known. Of changing the world. As i got older my dreams changed. I aspired to being a mother, a wife and having a happy home. It may not be the grandeur dreams of my youth but its my happily ever after. Tiny and perfect and something I am proud of. Hopefully, for a wee forever.

Welcome to my life.

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