Thursday, 15 August 2013

Scattered Joy

Who can pass up the chance to get out and enjoy this Sydney weather at the moment? I know we sure cant! Today we went exploring Sydney Park at St. Peter's. 

Leo loved this park! It really is the perfect adventure land for little guys and girls. 

The highlight of today was the discovery of the most down to earth, kid friendly pub I have ever been to! The Henson at Marrickville is a recently refurbished hotel which is completely family focused. 

With an easily supervised play area in a converted garage, it was a big hit with my entire little family. Jason and I could have a drink and an actually uninterrupted conversation and Leo had a blast making friends and playing in the ball pit. 

The staff were so friendly and helpful, it was like going to a friends backyard for lunch. The beer garden is spacious and has a really lovely atmosphere with decor that I absolutely loved as soon as I walked through the gate. 

Not to mention the food which  was delicious and really reasonable priced... 
I had a fried chicken taco and Jason had the "knuckle" sandwich. Then IT entered my life. A dessert so delicious my mouth waters just thinking about it. Thank you to the staff member who recommended we try this- Churro "chips" with chocolate sauce and Belgium white chocolate ice cream. 

I am so won over by this pub I'm planning on emailing them tomorrow to see if I am able to hold my 30th there!
We will definitely be going back there soon - and taking everyone we know!


  1. Thanks for the tips. I will be adding this little outing to our to-do-list. You know, I've past that park a thousand and one times but I had no idea there was a kids playground there.

    1. I know right? I thought they just had the little bike area. The entry is near the servo on Barwon Park rd. If you see a crazed lady with bags under her eyes repeatedly saying "Leo.. Be careful Leo.. Leo Careful" that will be me!