Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Day at the Fair: Mattara Festival

A new craze has hit the little monster of late.

Before going away, I innocently bought Leo a Batman wallet. Leo had heard of Batman but there was no real love there... yet. I simply chose it because the only other one was Ben10 and that show confuses me. I liked Batman as a kid so I thought what the heck... Little did I know what I had started!

Yesterday, We went to an indoor play centre for the morning and then to the shops for some retail therapy. At the play centre there was a face painting pirate. Which meant by the time we got to the shops our boy was no longer a little boy. Now he was...

Na na na na na na BATMAN!

So the obsession list now is: Cars, Toy Story, Peter Pan, Dinosaurs, Crocodiles, Pirates, Trains AND Batman. Sigh.

Today we went to the Kids Carnival Day at the Mattara Festival, A Spring festival that's been held at Nobbys Beach every year since 1961.

Leo fed the Clowns...

Rode some teacups...

Was unimpressed by the little Merry-go-round...

Had his first taste of Fairy Floss (He didn't like it!)...

Got a Batman (Sigh) Tattoo...

And slid down the giant slide!

Zoe hung out in her pram, no doubt dreaming of the day she too can run amok at a fair with her big brother.

Today is our last full day of our trip. This time tomorrow we will be home in Sydney. I am going to miss Newcastle. I love it here so. It's the people, The lifestyle, The beaches... and Big Dog on TV saying good night at 7pm.

Thanks for the adventures Newie! We will be back!

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