Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Plastic Sandals and Day Dresses

I suck at time management. I am so swamped at the moment with my course and dealing with two munchkins each with their respective wants and needs that I am missing my blog and my hobbies. It sounds lameo supremo but I feel a little lost without that time to make and read and do. Time management. Poo!

I am currently procrastinating... I should be tackling one of the three assessments I have due in, oh about 3 days, but that would be sensible and sensible is hardly ever much fun. Instead I have made a little shopping wish list for Spring.

October Wish List

1. Play House Dress from City Chic
2. Bernie Dexter - Rose Dress from Miskonduct Klothing
3. Bernie Dexter - Bookshelf Dress from Miskonduct Klothing
4. Real Living Amber Rose Quilt Cover set, European cases and Cushion from Target
(This one is already on layby! YAY!)
5. Botanical Border Dress from City Chic
6. Jacquard Spot Skater Dress from Target
7. Sapphire and Latte Twist from Mox
8. Clear Sparkles Jellys from Jelly Beans
9. 50's Troppo Dress from Crossroad

Totes Adorbs!

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