Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Keep Calm and....

My poor little blog. So neglected.

I think these photos of my little girl pretty much sum up how I feel lately.

I have had barely time to fold a basket of clothing, let alone sit down and type out anything. Well that is my excuse for the two baskets of clothes that have been sitting in the hall for a week. I say it at least once a day, but I'm struggling to keep up with all my responsibilities at the moment. I am feel so overwhelmed by it all that its starting to seem like everything I attempt to do is only half done. It's like building a wall out of badly made bricks and no mortar. Sooner or later the whole thing is going to topple. Something is going to give. At the moment, unfortunately, It is my blog which I love and the clothes that need to be put away.

Do you know the feeling? It's absolutely horrendous feeling like nothing is working out. I know i've been hard work to live with and I can see it affecting Jason. He tries to tell me to calm down, that certain things like the washing not being put away, the beds not being made and the piles upon piles of "stuff" that accumulates in our room isn't the end of the world. I can't see that though. I start to think about everything that needs to be done and before you know it, I am rubbing my forehead and feeling sick to my stomach.

And it's not just the simple things like chores, I think about everything that is due to happen over the next few months and BOOM! Brain explodes and Laura is one bubbling mess of stress and doubt.

I have joked in the past about needing to plan my day down to 15 minute intervals. I know this is impossible. I can, however, not beat myself up about things being left out. I can decide whats important to do and what can be left for another day. I need to be a mother first, my children need me to play and sing with them. My course work needs to be done as it is what will give my family a brighter future. I also need to find the time for myself and this I think is just as important as housework. If I can find an hour a day to write a blog post, crochet a few stitches or bake a treat for my husband I know I won't feel like my life is a routine of get up, stress about everything that needs to be done, not really accomplish anything, put the kids to bed, stress about course work, go to bed later then I should and then repeat it all the next day.

So heres to positive thinking, time management and leaving the washing to another day.

(I've been watching The White Queen on the SoHo channel. Can you believe this is Jeremy Irons son? Fangirl crush. Sorry Jase xx)
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