Saturday, 28 September 2013

A Day At The Farm: Oakvale Farm and Fauna World

Please excuse any typos or bad grammar in this post. For you see, my beloved football team, The mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs, have lost their chance to make their first grand final appearance since 1971 and I'm finding it hard to see through my tears. I will rally on because, besides the crushing defeat and my broken heart, The rest of my day was pretty tops!

Whenever we are up in the Hunter, we try our hardest to go to Oakvale Farm and Fauna World at Salt Ash. We have been coming here since Leo was a year old and still have a lovely time each visit.

This visit really drove home how grown up my monster really is getting. Last time we were here he held my hand and was a little wary of the animals. The time it was hand in the feed bag and hangs with his Dad. We fed Camels, Kangaroos, Wallaby's, Geese, Goats, Lambs, Pigs, Shetland Ponies.. You name it! It's whats really great about this place. The animals are everywhere and it's all hands on and up close.

What was little miss doing when all this animal feeding was going on? Oh you know, waiting for HER next feed, discovering her hands, farting... the usual.

I am on a mission to try and convince Jason to let me have chickens when we move this way... and not just any chickens. Pastel chickens.

Pretty Pastel Style, eat your heart out!

After we fed the animals, and then ourselves, Leo got to have a play in the playground. I plonked myself down on a bench next to some other mums, made some conversation and was all ready to enjoy the gorgeous weather when... IT happened.

Goats. I refuse to put a photo of the buggers on here after one of them chewed a hole in my dress whilst I was chasing another one away from sampling the pram. When I turned around to confront the dress eating goat, the other found the feed bag and ripped it open... All over Zoe and the pram. Aghast, I lifted my baby (who actually had an amazingly large smile on her face) out of the pram and started to brush the feed pellets and sand off her, smiling embarrassingly at the other mothers who were NOT being bothered by the damn things. The bloody goat, sensing my distraction, decided to take the opportunity and hopped IN the pram. I had to lift the damn thing out of it! More then once!

Goats. Seriously.

Happy, If slightly gnawed on, We had a quick browse through the gift shop, leaving with a few souvenirs and headed back to Newcastle. First full day of vacation classed as a total winner.

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  1. I... oh goodness, I just... first the pastel (PASTEL!!!) chickens left me gobsmacked, and then, the goats. Aww you poor thing! I thought I had it bad when this goat would NOT leave me alone when we went to a petting zoo along the Great Ocean Road, but mine's totally got nothing on yours. Stupid goats.

    And I know your pain. I wanted to cry when Team New Zealand got smashed by Oracle. *sob* I wanna give Dean Barker a hug! And of course, Spithill just HAD to be an Australian. :P Heehee. Poor Rabbitohs. Until next season I guess? :(

  2. oh crap, I actually forgot the main reason of my visit... which was to tell you that I nominated you for the Shine On Award ! Totally understand if you don't want to participate but, just had to let you know I love, love, loooooove your blog :)

  3. Awww You are too sweet! Thank you so much for the nomination. When I get home from my holiday, I will definitely have a turn.

    How amazing are the Pastel chickens? I am kind of obsessed now with dyed poultry.

    I couldn't believe Team New Zealand lost! With such a lead! But these things happen. Unfortunately.