Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Moderately Attractive

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I couldn't agree more with you there Doctor and so I am borrowing an idea from a linkup I saw on Maddie Bug and I and will be listing my good things (yay!) and bad things (boo!) each Saturday.

Good Things

❤ I am now on Twitter! I'm such a social media junkie. If you want to.. Add me! I will add back and we can share inane random thoughts together.

❤ Tomorrow I am catching up with my Befri Sarah! I miss that darling girl like crazy since she moved to Mudgee and became a banjo strumming hillbilly. To celebrate our friendship next year turning old enough to drink in this country, We are cementing our bond with matching tattoos! I can't wait.

❤ This Cover of Crazy Miley Cyrus's song We Can't Stop:

Bad Things

☒ The fact I haven't had to write a discussion paper in about a million years and I have forgotten the proper referencing procedure and my first paper is due in a few weeks. Time to go back and relearn methinks!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by!
    Its nice to look back at the week and pick highlights!

    You should check out their other covers. Fantastical!