Friday, 13 September 2013

Goal 14: Plant Heads!

I decided we had to have another go at planting cress seeds. A few weeks ago, I blogged that we had made cress egg head people out of toilet rolls. These little people lived on Leo's windowsill.. and the temptation grew far too great for my little monster. I'm still picking up bits of shell from behind his bed. Oh well.

This time around I used some recycled plastic strawberry cartons, googly eyes, sticky dots and pom poms to make our plant heads.

After sticking the googly eyes on our pots, Leo used the sticky dots to decide where all the pom poms were going to go.

In our big Monsieur Hair, We planted Mustard seeds and in Petit Kitty we used good ol' cress seeds.

Leo's favourite part and what he was most excited about, was watering his plants with his very own spray bottle. After we finished planting, he spent ages spraying it into the air to see the rainbows. My boy looks for rainbows everywhere.

It was a lovely afternoon spent in our backyard, comparing seed colours and shapes, creating characters out of bits and pieces and just enjoying the Spring sunshine.

Even the littlest one enjoyed herself.

Husband dear took us out for dinner at Cronulla the other evening and I snapped this photo as we looked out at the beach.

Look at my gorgeous boys. How I adore them ❤

(PS: I just noticed that Leo is wearing that Croc shirt again! I do have other tshirts for him... He just picks that one a lot!)

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