Sunday, 22 September 2013

Good things happen to those who hustle.

It’s time for this week’s round up of Yays and Boos. I can’t believe it is already Saturday again. Is it just me or is this year getting quicker as it goes on. I mean seriously… there are like 13 weeks till Christmas! Which, if you work it out means there is still ¼ of the year to go and then it doesn’t seem that bad. Am I rambling?

Good Things

The Retro Mummy featured my recipe for Gluten Free Orange, Almond and Coconut cakes on her site. I have had so many extra visitors because of it. I absolutely love her site and her instagram. Her ability to handle 5 kids and always look so calm and laid back absolutely astounds me. If you don’t already read her, Go now and be awed! 5 kids! Holy Moly.

❤ I absolutely love my new blonde do! When we were at the beach this morning, Mr Ever After took some photos of me and the tots (which was nice as I really never have photos taken… by choice mind you) my hair looks so happy! It’s all shiny and floating in the breeze. It’s a happy mop of hair. I know the upkeep is going to be a “B” but I’m definitely going to be keeping this colour as long as I can handle sitting in salons listening to overly loud dance music.

❤ Last week I mentioned I was going to be catching up with my BFF… the Laverne to my Shirley… the Wayne to my Garth… the Edina to my Patsy… the Samwise to my Frodo. You get the point. (I could of kept going. That was fun!) Well, Sarah and I have this passion for Young Adult novels and I had been dying to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones at the cinemas since it came out. So that’s totally what we did! The absolutely best bit (Besides Jonathon Rhys Meyers looking all tough 80’s boy) was that we had the cinema to ourselves. It was like being a millionaire. Of course now we are spoilt and that will be the only way I can see movies. “Two to the movie that no one else wants to see thanks!”

❤ The Previews for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Enders Game both gave me goose bumps. Yay for books I love becoming movies that look halfway decent!

❤ There are only 5 more sleeps till we get to spend a week in Newcastle. I am so excited to drive around planning our move, catching up with family, showing off Zoe Mouse and going to Oakvale Farm at Salt Ash. YAY HOLIDAYS!

Bad Things

☒ Of course with holidays comes packing for holidays. It was hard with three of us… now with a new baby it’s going to be HELL. Not to mention the fact that our car is this tiny little red Ford Focus named Fergie who, bless its bumper, doesn’t really have much room left now it has two baby seats in it. Throw in a pram, a baby cot, a bath seat, luggage for four people and any other bits we need and this car is going to resemble a tin of sardines. And I am not a lover of tinned fish.

☒ I am really struggling with my diet and exercise. I am feeling very round and besides my glorious blonde locks (seriously… Just call me Daenerys. Kahlesssiiii!) I feel so very gross. I am trying hard to not dwell on it and it makes me feel so superficial that it’s bothering me but I just can’t help it. I know it won’t happen overnight and I am really bad when it comes to snacking so I just have to keep trying to be good and not to hate on myself when I have a bad day.

Must. Stay. Motivated.

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  1. I love your blonde hair! So pretty and fresh looking. Also love all your Game of Thrones references! I can't wait for the new season. You have a gorgeous family.

  2. Thanks Paulette! They are nice in photos anyway (spoken like a mum who had two crying kids all day sigh)