Tuesday, 3 September 2013

30 Before 30: Revised!

I have decided to revise my original 30 before 30 list. Nothing drastic, there are just a couple of goals on there that just aren't to my liking anymore. I blame the original goals on my recently birthed sleep deprived mind! (I'm sticking to it too.. pushing little people out of your body is a damn good excuse!!)

So what has gotten the cut/been edited:

8. Collect 6 wooden chairs for our dining table.
This is WAY too specific and not specific enough for what I am really trying to achieve here and that is to thrift more often to find furniture for when we move. When we moved back in with my ever patient amazing mum, we got rid of a lot of our furniture. It was all pieces from past lives and was purely functional without any charm for the most part. We are starting again, which is scary and liberating. So this goal is now:
8. Go thrifting for furniture more often

21. Get a small ridiculous tattoo
I originally had the idea of getting something completely meaningless.. well besides the meaning of "hey.. I dig this cartoon/pop culture/book" I had ideas of Golden Snitches, Yip Yips (seasame street) and Appa (Avatar: The Last Airbender). I have always wanted a triforce, before every single hipster stole the damn idea. I may still get my small, ridiculous tattoo. I'm changing this though to:
21. Get a matching "Best Friends" Tattoo with my befri

25. Read at least 5 books a month
Hey Laura guess what? YOU HAVE TWO KIDS! Seriously.. that ship has sailed. For now at least. So this very enthusiastic but unattainable goal is now:
25. read and review ≥ 10 books

29. Paint my nails a different colour every week
Again.. when you consider a day where everyone is out of their pyjamas by lunchtime a win, Finding time to paint your nails and then keep them from getting chipped and yukky is just pretty much out of the question. Unfortunately. I do love painted nails. This is now:
29. Have a salon day: Get nails done and have my first pedicure ever!

30. Take more photos
I do want to take more photos. Jason and I are a bit slack at taking photos, even after we got a rather expensive entry level dSLR camera. I have taken photos nearly every day since getting a replacement camera charger. (we lose things. Alot.) The thing is, You cant just point and click with this bad boy. So I'm taking a lot of photos. 1 out of 100 is decent. So in order to make memories this goal has been changed to:
30. Complete a beginners SRL course

There is some news on the Goals front...
2. Start Tourism diploma

In honour of my new student status, I give you Britney:

 photo tiniest-sig_zpsb3cf0281.jpg


  1. What books do you plan on reading for your goal? It's really hard not to add reading to a list of goals and to-do's for me because they are just so magical. :)

  2. I will read anything really! I have a whole list on my goodreads account. Do you use Goodreads? its fantastic! I have a shocking memory when it comes to authors names and books I want to read and it keeps it all organised for me.

  3. Hi Laura! My name is Zoe and I am a new follower of yours. I love your blog and the fact that you named your daughter after me! I feel so honored haha just kidding! But I do love your blog and I nominated you for the Liebster award on my page! Here is the link http://zoekolleen.blogspot.com/2013/09/i-am-nominated.html

  4. I do use Goodreads and just love it!

  5. OH MY GOSH! thank you so much! I saw this last night and have been waiting to have some spare time to reply! I totally blushed when I read this and had to wake up my husband to tell him. :) Like I said in my email.. I am a ditz!

  6. What a great list! You should try a gel manicure when you go in to get your pedicure, they last really well without chipping. It's the only way I can keep color on my nails for more than a day!