Saturday, 7 September 2013

Goal 14: Stained Glass Windows

I adore Spring. I find I perfer the "mixed" seasons much more then Summer and Winter. The weather in Sydney has been amazing every day. Warm without being unbearbly Hot and everywhere has that Spring feeling. Every morning we are waking up to sun pouring through our bedroom windows. Yesterday, Leo and I made stained glass windows to brighten our mornings even more!

Cellophane Stained Glass Windows

To make a stained glass window like ours, you will need:
* Cellophane in different colours
* Black Paper
* Clear contact paper
* Scissors

The method is really simple. Cut up the cellophane into different odd shapes. Cut the black paper into a window shape (I chose to use a traditional "church" shape) and then place on the contact paper. Stick the cellophane onto the contact any which way. When your window is the way you like it, Stick another sheet of contact paper over the top and trim any access. And there you have it! Your own stained glass window!

2 months ago today, My darling Zoe completed our family. She is stubborn and gutsy and a complete princess. My little mouse is really more like a tiger and has us all wrapped around her little finger.

Zoe Kay Valentine, I adore you. My baby girl.

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  1. hey Laura,
    thanks for stopping by myspace and your sweet comment. Loved doing such paperwork when I was little! By the your little ones are too cute! following you back on bloglovin, many greetings from far Germany, noni!